October 20, 2010

A pillow for a friend.

My friend Tina turned 50! She is fighting breast cancer right now and I thought she could use a little gift to remind her how much I am thinking about her. I used some of my favorite farbic scraps and linen and stuffed it with love.

October 16, 2010

I see I learn.

Shirts from Uncle Stu's new books! Thank you!

A 10-10-10 Wedding!

What a beautiful day filled with sun, family, friends, love, great food and a lot of fun!
My brother married Mindy, who we adore on 10-10-10, which I get a big kick out of. They were married at their local church . Wyatt was the ring bear (we told him to growl as he went down the aisle) with Cousin Camille. They were great (And so were Mindy and John) The reception was at their home, which was really personal. Cocktails in the front yard, dinner in the back. Congrats.

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