August 5, 2010

Wyatt's map and boat room.

Here is Wyatt's room, finally with photos and paintings on the walls. It is great to hang out in there with him.

Switch Plate: painted my me.
Prints: Creative Thursday, Target, Seattle Artist and Edward Hopper
Boat: Thrift shop find by my mom.
Animals: Ostheimer figures from the
Boat Painting: This painting was in Todd's grandparent's basement and was painted of them sailing. It took a little conservation to clean it up, but I love it and it feels very special.
Vinyl: Walter the Whale from etsy shop Elephannie.
W Magnet: Old Navy.
Globe: 1980's Globe
Map: A "Time" map that came framed with the house. Perfect for explaining where China is (a continual question of his).

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