October 20, 2010

A pillow for a friend.

My friend Tina turned 50! She is fighting breast cancer right now and I thought she could use a little gift to remind her how much I am thinking about her. I used some of my favorite farbic scraps and linen and stuffed it with love.

October 16, 2010

I see I learn.

Shirts from Uncle Stu's new books! Thank you!

A 10-10-10 Wedding!

What a beautiful day filled with sun, family, friends, love, great food and a lot of fun!
My brother married Mindy, who we adore on 10-10-10, which I get a big kick out of. They were married at their local church . Wyatt was the ring bear (we told him to growl as he went down the aisle) with Cousin Camille. They were great (And so were Mindy and John) The reception was at their home, which was really personal. Cocktails in the front yard, dinner in the back. Congrats.

September 26, 2010

A gardeing shower.

Oh how I love showers. It was a hot hot day for September and the troops came out to plant 100 mums in preparation of my brother and future sister-in-law's wedding. We were able to plant all the flowers is just 1 hour. And their New England yard did not disappoint in the rock department (check out those rocks). We had a super yummy lunch and margaritas, pretty much a perfect afternoon. (Do you like the invite, a Tara Cards original...)

September 19, 2010

Go Go Go Papa!

Todd just completed a century ride (100 miles of Endless mountain climbs) at the Tour de Shunk, (great name no?) We are so proud of him!


August 8, 2010

Visits to Waverly from dear friends.

Oh we had a ball with our dear friends from California. Blueberry picking, crafting, good food, farmer's market visiting, trips to Ithaca and lots of summer fun.

August 5, 2010

Wyatt's map and boat room.

Here is Wyatt's room, finally with photos and paintings on the walls. It is great to hang out in there with him.

Switch Plate: painted my me.
Prints: Creative Thursday, Target, Seattle Artist and Edward Hopper
Boat: Thrift shop find by my mom.
Animals: Ostheimer figures from the http://thewoodenwagon.com.
Boat Painting: This painting was in Todd's grandparent's basement and was painted of them sailing. It took a little conservation to clean it up, but I love it and it feels very special.
Vinyl: Walter the Whale from etsy shop Elephannie.
W Magnet: Old Navy.
Globe: 1980's Globe
Map: A "Time" map that came framed with the house. Perfect for explaining where China is (a continual question of his).

August 4, 2010

Our climbing wall.

Todd made thiis awesome, challenging climbing wall. Wyatt is quite good. Those holds are small!

July 30, 2010

July 13, 2010

Oliver's First Hair Cut

And After:
We did not have to cut his bangs, just the "wings".

June 5, 2010

Picnic Blankets

My sister-in-law and my sister-in-law to be (very soon) graduated with a masters in nursing and from law school. I though each of them could use a place to relax. A picnic blanket. I used natural linen on the back which gave them a relaxed, classy look. Here are the results:

May 5, 2010

Arizona was great....

We had a great trip to Arizona. The cacti were in bloom, the snow covered the mountains and adventures were around every corner.

February 20, 2010

My first laptop.

The little guy likes Tetris and that game where you can write letters (Word), oh so cute.

Starting another remodel.

Taking out an old bathroom...to put in a...more to come1

Oliver loves to help!

The Olympics

We are loving the 2010 Winter Games. There is something so exciting about watching people at the height of thier athletic abilities put everything on the line. Very inspiring!

GO USA, GO World!

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