May 11, 2009

Oliver is 1!

My little sweetpea is 1 year old. How did that happen? Oliver we love your deep baby laugh, your sweet "hi" to everyone who enters the room, your mischievious playing, your strong hugs and your blue blue eyes!

May 9, 2009

Jason and Carol's Wedding.

A Beautiful day for a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Congrats!
Check out the cornhole game Todd built and painted for the lawn games. I weighed and sewed (to make sure they were within regulations!) 16 bags filled with corn! Wyatt is wearing a suit his Uncle Matt wore when he was a little lad. The Harmer's lawn was "Flocked" the night before the wedding...what a great girlscout fundraiser! The wedding reception was totally charming; wheat grass and pinks and candy and cupcakes.

Getting Ready for the Wedding.

Carol and Jason had a great relaxing wedding weekend. We visited the Rochester Lilac festival (I loved the Magnolias!) and played with the kids before the big day. I wanted a great photo of myself and the boys for mother's day I like this one of use in the tree.

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