January 14, 2009

Foxhill Drive.

We went to visit Babci and Dziadzia's (my late grandparent's) house and I took a bunch of photos. While we were there, it felt like Babci and Dziadzia were going to stick there heads around the corner and tell us to "sit down and stay awhile". It was strange to be there without them. I tried to breath in just a little more of them, I have always loved the musty woody smell of their basement and I opened the linen closet and I smelled the same towels they would send us down to the pool with. As I was putting together the photos it became very clear that they are no longer at there, the photos, individually bring back happy memories, but when put together have a sad empty tone. Babci and Dziadzia's home is transforming into a house.

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Em said...

I also have a Babci and DziaDzia! Mine are still alive, and you can see photos of them on my blog... the Easter post. I love having a Polish Heritage and knowing a little bit of where my family came from!

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