December 9, 2008

A rather hard week...

We started our Thanksgiving Break by ordering WHITE! cabinets for the kitchen and then made the journey to Rochester to start in the Thanksgiving festivities. I am really proud that Todd and I were able to come to an agreement on style and design. While celebrating at a festive pre-T day party I got news from my parents that my grandmother, Babci had passed away. I will miss her very much. So our Thanksgiving plans changed from relaxing to another journey down to Connecticut to attend Babci's funeral. Exhausted we returned on Saturday night and recouped a bit on Sunday to face the week. And what a week was in store for us.

In a nut shell my project at work was cancelled and our future here in Upstate NY is very uncertain. Needless to say we were not expecting this and we had to cancel the kitchen. So I am looking for jobs, mourning my grandmother and mourning the potential loss of the life we stated to build here. We are now in the what else can we do let me know if you need a polymer chemist.

To a better week ahead...


gardeniagirl said...

I'm so sorry, Tara. My dad is also in shock, after 28 years at Dupont. He is one to not take risks, and he always felt he had stability with his job. I guess the only thing you can count on in life is change.

Tara Jane said... are right life is full of changes, hopefully for the better, right?

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