November 13, 2008

Kitchen Visualization.

We are going to remodel our kitchen. It is a huge investment, but we are ready, at least to buy the cabinets. The kitchen designer has been over and we have been to his office 3 or 4 times. I think we have it all worked out, but we just have to decide on color. So I need your votes.

Our house has beautiful walnut woodwork that we could never reproduce, so my thought is go with painted cabinets. The space is small and we are getting rid of a window, so we do not want anything dark. I am thinking that the white will flow with the house, where a light pine might not...but white is 15% more. Crazy. Never would have guessed that. So here is our current inspirations found here and at This Old House. Let me know what you think. Also thoughts on glass doors?


or natural:


Kurt, Kelly & Braeden Knotts said...

Au Natural.... Warm, inviting.

Kurt, Kelly & Braeden Knotts said...

Hickory is amazing if you can get it/find it.

gardeniagirl said...

Okay, we recently remodeled our kitchen, and we went with a color similar to your first "natural" picture. We love it! Such a beautiful finish. And I think glass doors, if it isn't too costly, would really look nice.

mary elizabeth said...

hi tara, thanks for calling us aesthetically minded, what a compliment!
in contrast to what everyone else says here, i like the white, and think it will look much brighter. but i am weary about the white because it might wear, or show dirt more than wood. so, i say, go for the white, but have the bleach handy (i enjoy soft scrub myself).
the glass doors would be good for displaying your really nice dishes, but you might want some solid ones to hide the cereals/pantry items which are not so pretty.
hope this helps, miss you, bethy

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