October 31, 2008

I can wag my tail like Chunk.

Happy Halloween! So my little lion was terrified by R2D2 (A fabulous home-made costume, by the way) who was across the street. Almost so much so that he would not put his own costume on. But as kids started coming to our door, I think the idea of dressing up was not so weird. Eventually we got the costume on, took the requisite photos (I will upload them soon) and out the door we went. And soon his mantra was, "Let's get more candy!" Wyatt was super scared by a boy wearing a mask behind a bush, who knew enough not to jump out at a 3 year old, but just the fact that he was there, sent Wyatt screaming. And by the man under the table. I thought we were going to have a sleepless night, but I suppose an hour of walking around the neighborhood was enough to tire out even the fiercest of lions.

One of my favorite comments of the evening was when Wyatt realized he had a tail. "Look, my tail is wagging like Chunk's"

Here is a photo of Cousin Chunk:

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