October 16, 2008

Bottles bottles everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

I am a breastfeeding mom, but I work. So the routine is supposed to go like this, I pump at work and the baby drinks my milk from the day before, repeat. Simple, right? Not so simple when the baby refuses any feeding mechanism besides me. We have tried all sort of bottles: Avent, Born Free, Platex, Dr. Browns, Nuk, Evenflo, Avent Sippy Cup, Nuk Sippy Cup, Straws, Cups…
Luckily we have a very patient, loving caregiver for our stubborn little man who is willing to work with us. She has tried all sorts of feeding mechanisms, positions, locations, mediums (mixing with cereals) and nada. Oliver gave us hope last week when he ate 11 oz, but then he was quite determined not to drink the next day. The thing that gets me is we now know he can eat out of a bottle, but as the La Leche League representative said, he is making a choice and we have to respect it. So our nights have been spent eating and my days have been spent sleepy…

And I thought I would just be worrying about leaching BPA. So Sleepy…
Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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gardeniagirl said...

Hi Tara,

So when you first left a comment on my blog, I checked out your blog, and I was like, "hmm . . . from Waverly, and a chemist." It didn't quite connect until I was talking to my little sister, and she was like, "I bet she works with Dad!" So I asked my dad, and you indeed work with him (as I'm sure you're aware). Mystery solved.

Thanks for the advice on the Bumkin bibs. I actually did buy two of those on my Babies R Us excursion: one that is short-sleeved, one that is sleeveless. They are indeed splendid bibs.

So I am so sorry about your baby refusing to eat! That is so hard. I went through that with my first; I had her when I was still in school (I double-majored, so it took my six years to finish). It wasn't until I was student teaching for my second degree, and I was gone all day long. Then she became a bottle addict. There was about a week of starvation. She wouldn't take pumped milk; we had to just switch over to formula completely. Babies . . . if only they knew what's good for them.

So I'm sorry that this is such a long message. I'm excited that you posted, and we can be blogging friends. Your blog is adorable. You have great pictures.

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