July 20, 2008

The Tepee

I have seen all sorts of play tepees around. Crazy expensive tepees, but they look like a lot of fun. Usually in our house, when we see something we love, but can not justify spending gobs of money on it, our motto is, "I can make that." So after spending gobs of time...this tepee is version #2. Version #1 had a floor and sleeves for the poles, open at the top and closed on the bottom. In this earlier version the base of the tepee kept falling down the poles. The improvement for #2 was to make the sleeve open on the bottom and closed on the top. I think tent stakes would be good to keep the poles in place outside. The design required a lot of geometry, which I needed a bit of a refresher for, good thing Todd is teaching Middle School Math. This is a gift for our friends in Maine who we are going to stay with. They have 3 girls. It was fun to sew with pink.

The poles are bamboo gardening poles and fabric was bought off the remnant sale rack at Joann's for less than $10. The cost in time was high, but of course was fun to figure out. Hope the girls have fun with it.

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