May 30, 2008

The Blue Room.

Another pre-O project was to move W into his new room with a big boy bed. We managed to get it all done a few months before we became a family of four. We wanted an understated nautical feel to his room.

Todd redid the floors, twice. The first sanding did not quite do the trick. But the second work-over left them refreshed and ready for all sorts of trucks to roll on.

I love the color of the room; it is bright in the morning and changes moods to a relaxing shade at night, well worth the hours of wallpaper scrapping, sanding, priming and painting. As a trained paint chemist I have to say that the Valspar high-end interior latex was disappointing. It sagged quite a bit, requiring extra work to catch the drips while the paint dried. Also, I learned the hard way that it is better to free hand the wall/ceiling corner vs. tape and then paint. The tape leaked/soaked up the paint resulting in Todd having to touch it up with one of my artist brushes. In the end, we think we did a spiffy job. The oar is a growth chart gifted to us by our dear friends in Maine. My Mom found the sail boat at an antique shop, it came with the captain. The desk and drawers were Todd's and his siblings while growing up. We like their big knobs and old memories.

The shades, drapes and hanging them were another project I worked on with my mom and mother-in-law. We took old vinyl drapes and pulled the vinyl off the rod. Backed the cloth and stuck it onto the rods. They keep W’s room nice and dark at night and while he is suppose to be talking a nap. The drapes are made of a natural canvas, which reminded us of sail fabric.

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